Thursday, February 12, 2009

Since Forever is Gone

After getting lost on Broadway for what seemed like eternity, Jenny and I finally found the Soho Grand Hotel on WEST Broadway. We then waited in line for a half hour with our friend, Calvin, to get into the opening. Considering how long the wait was, the whole experience of the opening "party" wasn't necessarily worth it. Ruvan Wijesooriya, photographer for Dazed & Confused, I-D, and other fashion magazines, had his first solo exhibit in the hotel's small, dimly-lit gallery. The opening was a place to "be seen," providing more drinks and stilted conversation about trust funds than people genuinely interested in art. However, since we didn't know anyone there, we had a chance to check out the 13 images on display and found them to be diverse and slightly reminiscent of Nan Goldin, but with a high fashion spin. The show is on display until May 14- we recommend you check it out now that all the trust-fund babies have moved on.

Jenny & Emily

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